The demand is the form where order is made as a result of the incoming bid or comparison.

It is the form in which the order is made as a result of the Request, Incoming Offer or Comparison. Order form can be created as a result of Request, Incoming Offer or Comparison. The approval procedure depends on this form of creation as well as on other reasons such as whether the type of expenditure involved is tender or not.

  • At a minimum, it should be a Claim Form. Orders are not created from scratch.
  • If the budget is exceeded for one of the order items, it goes to budget control. If it is approved there, the approval process continues where it left off.
  • Every approval step has a view step. The person with the approval authority can continue the process by getting the opinion of another official while the form is in front of him.
  • An order can also be canceled once the approval process is over. If a waybill/invoice has been received for the order whose approval has been completed, its cancellation is not allowed.

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