It is the form that all employees can enter internal purchase requests.

The purchase request form is a form where all employees can enter their requests. Evaluation is made according to the title level and / or type of expenditure of the employees. Branch / unit approvals are made until the title level specified in the configuration is reached. Requests are "active" until their invoices are entered into the system, then they go to the archive.


  • Maximum expenditure amount control for the expenditure items of the request
  • Submission of the request for requirement, budget and stock approvals at the end of the approval process
  • Opportunity to present the opinion included in each approval flow
  • It can be canceled at any time of approval by the owner of the request and by persons authorized to approve within the branch / unit
  • The approved request works in parallel with the request for quotation, incoming offers, comparison between offers and order forms.

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