Personnel expenditures are the form that allows the layout to be followed with the order.

It is the form that allows the personnel expenditures to be followed in an orderly manner. It not only speeds up the work flow with the expenditure form, but also allows you to track the expenditures of your staff on a timely and regular basis.

It is the system used to declare the employees' own expenses for the institution (such as taxi fare), the expenses they make on behalf of other employees or for the institution on behalf of the institution. Separate approval authorities and usage rights can be defined for each expenditure type. It is ensured that the spending limits are followed in the determined spending types.

It allows you to see your personnel's expenses such as health expenses, food expenses, representation expenses, transportation expenses, gasoline expenses, accommodation expenses, with details such as name, number of documents, date, company credit card, personal credit card or cash payment, and explanation.

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