5 simple tips to keep your business running despite the disruptive changes in the market

Leutze's painting 'Columbus Before the Queen' stages Columbus trying to persuade King Ferdinand to finance his 4th Expedition after his release from prison. So why did Queen Isabella turn her face away in embarrassment?

The world underwent a radical change when Columbus, who set foot in Hispaniola (Haiti) for the first time in 1492, began to seize the wealth of the New World. The new ways of business and trade, which few Western states adapted, brought devastating changes for the rest of the world.

Even Queen Isabella, who imprisoned Columbus for barbaric enslaving people in the colonies, could only resist the economic and social change of that period for six weeks. In the end, he went beyond his traditional methods and agreed to free Columbus and be the financier for his next trip, even though he turned his head away in shame.

Today, similarly devastating economic and technological changes are occurring in shorter periods of time. These transformations pose a great threat to SMEs, which have limited resources in terms of time, talent and budget. I am publishing this short article to make the changes that you may miss in your busy work schedule more understandable.

Today, unprecedented rapid transformations are taking place in all sectors dealing with digital services, biotechnology, high-tech materials and energy-environment. So you will certainly be impressed. So if you answer 'no' to any of the questions below, it's time to change your traditional ways of doing business.

  • Do you know how the economic and technological changes will affect your career and business?
  • Do you have a strategy to take advantage of the great opportunities that will arise in the next 10 years?

  • ..

  • If you don't have a strategy, do you have an idea of ??what could happen to you in the next 10 years?

Amazon, Tesla, Google, Netflix, Bitcoin, Airbnb and many companies you have never heard of are accelerating these devastating changes. Are you ready to challenge them? Microsoft's Digital Transformation: the Age of Innocence, Inertia or Transformation? According to his research;

  • 44% of business leaders and managers who participated in the research think that business models will become useless in the next 5 years.
  • Leaders and managers from almost all sectors predict that the effects of economic or social changes will reach a noticeable level in terms of their jobs and employees in a maximum of 2 years.
  • It is thought that middle and senior managers who have gained experience in the sector will not want to change their traditional ways of doing business instead of creating a strategy that will be successful in the face of changes.

In which part of this digital transformation journey are you? Denial? Awareness? Success?

We can say that the coincidence of your works depends on your efforts on 5 critical issues. Now, as you read the article, you can measure how far you have progressed in these areas:

  1. Invest in new technology that streamlines and accelerates your business
  2. Help your team develop their skills and change the way they work
  3. Redesign all the functions of your business in a simpler and more flexible structure
  4. Be open to collaborating with other companies and streamline your decision-making process
  5. Build an agile organization to seize opportunities

You can deny or ignore the effects of today's transformations in your industry. Rest assured, you will be out of the race in the upcoming period and you will have no other choice. Firms trying to survive have already realized the importance of digital transformation. The fact that they plan their workflow processes in digital environment and reach customers with digital services shows that they have made progress in some areas, but their situation is still doubtful. You will find that truly successful companies do not stick to traditional ways of doing business and thus gain the capacity to quickly seize new opportunities that arise. This means unlimited options for companies and employees.

Don't just think of the rewards of your investment today as an increase in income and well-being. The increase in customer satisfaction about your job, for which you work every day, the establishment of a structure that can make quick decisions with a talented and qualified workforce, the establishment of a sustainable growth understanding, the improvement of the returns of the decisions made, the increase in productivity and the increase in brand value will be positive results that you will notice from the first moment.

For those who dare to transform, failure is always another consequence, of course. You may want to go this route on your own by trial and error method. An experienced business partner – or friend – can broaden your horizons, help you become objectively aware of your situation, and share the expertise you need to keep up with the transformation. How do you decide who to work with in such a situation?

Talking only about some 'solutions' and 'software applications' like a propaganda machine about the economic, social or technological transformations of the era, having a narrow focus on the benefits technology can bring to your business, honesty, far from openness that will inform you enough about the real value you can add to your business, and only Someone telling you what you'd love to hear will eventually waste your time (whether it's your employee or your business partner).


As experts at Kibele Software, with our experience in corporate process configuration of more than 25 years, we help you to follow up, report and keep up with digital transformation in a sustainable way by constructing your workflows completely over the cloud. We establish web-based, easy-to-use systems that will monitor and regulate processes more efficiently than humans. Thus, systems allow people to achieve their main goals by using less resources and gaining more added value.

Change the traditional way things are done and act today to not be one of the companies (or employees) swept away by the devastating impact of change. Contact us at info@kibele.com and let's start talking about what we can do together.